The first European conference dedicated to e-cig market regulation issues (TPD) | VapeShow Amsterdam

The first European conference dedicated to e-cig market regulation issues (TPD)


On July 29, 2016, the Netherlands hosted the first ever B2B conference, VapeShow Amsterdam, dedicated to e-cig market regulation on the global stage.

The event brought together market players, owners of vape business in German, Great Britain, the Caribbean, France and Italy.

The conference focused on electronic cigarette market regulatory matters in terms of TPD:

  • «The current e-cigarette market situation and potential growth across the EU»;
  • «TPD and Basic Business Building Practices»;
  • «Addressing the fact vs fiction of the science of e-cigarettes»;
  • «The start of the category thru litigation USA and EU. E-cig and vapor category as a tobacco product. The future of the category past 2017»;
  • «TPD in the UK»;
  • «Legislation and rights of vape business»;
  • «Lessons to be Learned from the United States' War on Vaping».

Speakers included leading experts of European and world vaping: Ray Story, Dan Irwin-Brown, Chris Dodge, Prof. Pasquale Caponnetto, Norm Bour, Michael Young, Ron Tully, Gregory J. Conley, Aaron Biebert.

Within the conference, Ray Story, the member of the working group on TPD implementing within EU countries and founder of Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said:

“At this very stage, vape business representatives should take the initiative in vaping legislative regulation in Europe, accept the fact that electronic cigarettes will be equated to tobacco products and establish their own business on that basis. It’s not the the best way but there’s no alternative.”

According to statistics provided by Dan Irwin-Brown, EU/International markets analyst at ECigIntelligence, the e-cig market is the most developed in North America where the amount of vapers is 57%. Europe is in the second place with 33% of vapers. They are followed by Asian countries – 7%.

Experts also told about the current vape market situation in the EU after antismoking TPD becoming effective.

For the first time in the Netherlands, VapeShow Amsterdam presented the exclusive sneak peek of revolutionary documentary movie about vaping, called A Billion Lives by Aaron Biebert.

On July 29, VapeShow Amsterdam conference proved that vaping will exist in Europe. Follow the next date of the grand vape event on the official website: This event will be the symbol of fight with nicotine addiction.

The organizer of the conference was the international event company – Smile-Expo.

You can watch photo report as well as the presentaions of our speakers and their feedbacks on the official event website

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Let’s vape together in Europe!

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