Ron Tully is coming to Vapeshow Amsterdam | VapeShow Amsterdam

Ron Tully is coming to Vapeshow Amsterdam


Preparations for Vapeshow Amsterdam taking place on July 29-30 are well under way. The Netherlands’ vape community is waiting for a unique event dedicated to healthy and tasty vapor.    

The high - driving programme will include exhibition as well as a business conference and for those who regard vaping as an interesting tool for enterprise, organizers are happy to introduce Ron Tully being one of the guests.     

This specialist can be safely called an industry veteran. He has 25 years’ experience in tobacco industry and more than 5 years’ experience in vaping. Being a member of VTA (and previously of SFATA as well), he continues to support vaping community, protect vape business rights and encourage developments of innovations in the industry.      

Within the conference, he will report on the topic:  

Legislation and rights of vape business 

Ron will tell guests how: 

  • regulations throughout the world oppress the vape industry; limited opportunities for innovations and novelties.     
  • an increasing number of limits paralyzes the industry and business has to adapt itself in order to survive.  
  • vaping slips away from the tobacco sector and it is not about laws bending but about evolution.    
  • people vape not for tobacco but for nicotine, which means the presence of a strong market for tobacco free products.   

Join us on July 29-30 and you will find out how to run vape business and what regulations should be kept at the vaping market. We are looking forward for you at Vapeshow Amsterdam 2016.         



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