Norm Bour – speaker of Vapeshow Amsterdam 2016 | VapeShow Amsterdam

Norm Bour – speaker of Vapeshow Amsterdam 2016


Preparations for Vapeshow Amsterdam 2016 are in full swing. The grand event for the whole vape community will be held on July 29-30 and will bring together all vape fans in one place. Those interested in the development of vape industry in the country will be able to visit industry conference as well.

Let us introduce – Norm Bour, the most famous vape consultant in the US. Since 2013 he has worked with over 40 different vape companies both within the US and internationally.

Norm is also a founder of VapeMentors, radio presenter on unique vape-radio and author of articles for VAPE Magazine, Tobacco International and Smoke Shop.

Visit Vapeshow Amsterdam 2016 on July 29-30 in order to enjoy healthy and tasty vapor together with us. 

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