Let’s vape together at VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2016! | VapeShow Amsterdam

Let’s vape together at VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2016!



To attention of all Holland vapers: the main event for country’s vapers – VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2016 – will take place on June 29-30. Smile-Expo has been organizing exhibitions and conferences in European and CIS countries for 10 years. This year, we decided to enter a new market and hold one of the largest vape parties in Amsterdam.     

We invite only recognized vaping industry leaders for presentations.  

And here is great news! Two interesting participants joined us: VPRbrands and Eliquid-France NL.

What are they?

VPRbrands is a holding company focusing on manufacturing unique e-liquids based on the special patented formula. All products are made according to all legislative and sanitary standards. Their turnover is more than 500,000 units per month.   

Eliquid-France NL is the US company focusing on manufacturing premium e-liquids but its main office is in France. Every liquid made by the company is thoroughly tested, receives the EU Certificate of Conformity and only then is available for sale.        

If you are an experienced vaper, vape shop owner or just interested investor, visit VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2016!

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