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International B2B Forum on Electronic Cigarettes in the Netherlands


Vaping is rapidly conquering the world. Every day, new players are appearing in the e-cig market, and the number of users of vaping devices is steadily increasing.

On 17-18 March 2017, the Netherlands will host a large-scale B2B Forum VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2017, which will feature an industry conference and a trade fair.

The purpose of the event is to develop the VAPE industry in the Netherlands, as well as to construct and establish business relations between the key players in the European and world markets.

This is the second event to be organized by Smile-Expo in the Netherlands.

The results of the previous conference VAPESHOW in Amsterdam can be found here:

VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2017 is aimed at key players in the vape industry, representatives of international vape associations and organizations, as well as owners and manufacturers operating in the vape industry.

The event format:

  • 17 March – Industry Conference


Sale and promotion (vape market rules)

Marketing and advertising in the TPD conditions

Business development (a franchise or its own production)

Analysis of new products and preferences of consumers in the EU and the US markets

  • 17-18 March (2 days) - Trade Fair of electronic inhalers, liquids and accessories, where you can get acquainted with new products from the world-famous companies.
  • 18 March - Breakouts sessions and start-up pitches. It is a chance for  market players to get recommendations and practical advice from the vape industry leaders regarding optimization and introduction of new products to the market.

B2B Forum VAPESHOW Amsterdam 2017 is an opportunity to learn about the latest and best vape products, as well as to conclude an excellent deal with the investors.

Date: 17-18 March 2017

Time: 11:00 to 19:00

Let's vape together in Amsterdam!

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