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First show in the Netherlands devoted to electronic vaping: VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM



On 29-30 of July, Amsterdam will see the main event for all vaping community in the Netherlands: VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM-2016.

VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM-2016 is the specialized exhibition of accessories for electronic vaping where the most famous market players could demonstrate the latest devices and give you a chance to taste their custom liquids. Event guests will learn about the state of electronic vaping market and see latest innovations in the industry.

You’ll be able to try all kinds of new flavors and vape using new models of e-cigs, as well as join vapers after purchasing atomizer, mod box and liquid to any taste.

VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM-2016 guests will gather the professional vapers, most famous market players, marketers, suppliers and representatives of all sorts of vape shops, vape bars and other places related to vaping.

What to expect from VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM?

  • The Conference


- Launching and optimizing a vape business.

- Marketing and digital tools.

- Local and global market research.

- Legal basis of vape business management.

- Productive tools for selling products in Europe.

The conference is aimed at creating of the successful and profitable business model in the form of online shops, vape shops and websites.

Conference speakers will include famous vaping market players and experts of the electronic vaping:

Norm Bour, the founder and president of, author of the articles for Vape Magazine, Tobacco International, Smoke Shop.

Ray Story, the founder of Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. Ray is famous in the world of vaping due to his efforts in creating of the right e-cig image on the market.

Tim Phillips, the founder and managing director of ECig Intelligence. Tim holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Law, London and a Masters in Geology from Oxford University.

Evromonitor specialists will tell about the state of the vaping market in Europe, providing the demographics.

  • Exhibition

Throughout two days, guests will be able to attend the exhibition of vaping devices and relevant accessories. You’ll have a chance to learn more about the market innovations and test premium liquids from event exhibitors.

Why you should attend VAPESHOW:

The visitors will be able to find here latest vaping market products: devices, liquids and many accessories. The participants will be able to attend the workshop of interest and enjoy the atmosphere.

Vape market players will make their name among the future business partners and establish contacts with the clients. Event will feature the lounge zone where you’ll have a chance to talk to colleagues.

VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM organizer – Smile-Expo – is the largest initiator of vape exhibitions in Europe and CIS region. For the moment, VAPEXPO also takes place in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and this list is always expanding!

See you at VAPESHOW AMSTERDAM-2016 on 29-30 of July!

Let’s vape together in Amsterdam!

Find out more about the program, show and speakers on the event website:

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