Evolution of vaping and future of industry by Taman Powell | VapeShow Amsterdam

Evolution of vaping and future of industry by Taman Powell


On July 29 the capital of the Netherlands will host an event dedicated to vaping. The conference will bring together leading players of the industry. It is the first b2b event on vaping after TDP (Tobacco Products Directive) came into effect, affecting e-cigs.
At the conference you will get answers to the questions about legal regulation of vaping in Europe and learn how to continue the development of vape business and make profit from it. Speakers will tell you how to become a successful entrepreneur on the market and why this industry is a promising one.

Meet one more conference speaker - Taman Powell. He is the founder and CEO of Xolo (xolovape.com), which is developing high-performance and unique devices for vaping. The aim of Xolo is the promotion of healthy vapor, providing beautiful and easy to use devices that guarantee unforgettable vaping experience and high performance.

In his report the speaker will tell about evolution of vaping and the future of vape industry.
This conference is a great opportunity for businessmen interested in the industry to enter the market of electronic cigarettes, learn about industry novelties, understand how to open their own successful vape shop and fully reveal for themselves the concept of vaping.

So hurry up and buy tickets for the unique conference on vape devices. We are waiting for you on 29 July.

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