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Chris Dodge: How to create a business on the vaping market


On July 29, the heart of Amsterdam will host an event devoted to the industry of healthy vaping – conference will be the first one after the TDP (Tobacco Products Directive) took place influencing the whole electronic cigarettes segment.

Event will gather the key players of the E-cigarette market for discussions of the future market possibilities and options for your business development in this area.

Chris Dodge will be a keynote speaker of the conference. He is a General Secretary of the Global Vaping Association and an owner of the most rapidly growing franchise of vape shops in the world. Chris has more than 25 years of experience in global trade, allowing him to successfully promote the industry of a healthy vape.

Mr. Dodge will make a presentation titled:

«The European Tobacco Products Directive and basic business practices».

The speaker will tell why the TPD is the right step for us, sharing the experience of managing his own business on the vaping market under the new rules of the game.

Get your tickets to the conference devoted to healthy vape now, and don’t miss presentations from our international experts.

See you on July 29 in Amstedam.

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