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On July 29, 2016 Amsterdam hosted one of the most important events for all vapers within Europe - VAPESHOW Amsterdam for the first time ever.

The First International B2B conference brought together all representatives of vape culture.

The event was attended by the most powerful representatives of vape market who are actively engaged in the popularization of vaping within Europe.

The conference focused on electronic cigarette market regulatory matters in terms of TPD:

«TPD and Basic Business Building Practices»;
«Addressing the fact vs fiction of the science of e-cigarettes»;
«The start of the category thru litigation USA and EU. E-cig and vapor category as a tobacco product. The future of the category past 2017»;
«Legislation and rights of vape business»;
«Lessons to be Learned from the United States' War on Vaping».

Speakers included leading experts of European and world vaping: Ray Story, Dan Irwin-Brown, Chris Dodge, Prof. Pasquale Caponnetto, Norm Bour, Michael Young, Ron Tully, Gregory J. Conley, Aaron Biebert.

Our video report from VapeShow Amsterdam will provide you with more details!