Feedback - Amsterdam - Results | VapeShow Amsterdam


Gregory J. Conley, American Vaping Association
"I really enjoyed the show and I'm looking forward to Poland and hopefully Ukraine."
Michael Young, Vape Emporium
"Some of the most influential people in the vaping industry were speaking. It was great to hear the public's interest in improving regulations, developing businesses and helping to reduce harm and save lives."
Ray Story,Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association
"The meeting was organized very well...The head of regulatory affairs from the TVECA which was responsible for building the TPD was present. Thank you for allowing us to participate and we hope that our participation was of help to the industry."
Norm Bour, VapeMentors
"This was one of the nicest venues I have spoken at and I met great speakers and vape leaders."
Prof. Pasquale Caponnetto, University of Catania
"Great experience. Would love to be on next edition"
Daniel Irwin-Brown, ECigIntelligence
"I had a good time, it was interesting and I thought went well. I had some good conversations in the first one and enjoyed the presentations. I thought everything went very well, so my feedback is positive. I thought it was all very well organised and well run, so thank you for that. I look forward in the future to seeing you at more of these conferences!"