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Ubox Kit by Digiflavor: let’s keep to the beaten track


Many people associate Digiflavor with atomizers as that’s the category of devices popular among customers. Things are not so good with the company’s box mods, but the company is not going to give up: a new setup Ubox Kit proves it.

The device is stylish and compact. The corners are flattened, which makes it look cute, and the black color makes it modest and strict. Therefore, the device will appeal to the wide audience.

Usually, starter kits are designed not only for beginners but also for advanced users – as a pocket device. Ubox Kit is not the case. It is intended exclusively for those who heard the word ‘vaping’ only yesterday.

Such a conclusion can be made based on the technical characteristics of the device.

Instead of a fully-functional chip, the box mod features a basic chip, which provides some standard functions: maximum resistance – 0.5 ohm, protection against overheat, low voltage and shutdown.

The maximum power output is 28 W. Such a result is achieved thanks to 1700 mAh battery. It can be charged through a micro-USB port.

The diameter of the tank is 22 mm, coil head resistance – 0.5 ohm at 20-30 W; the air is supplied through typical slots. The tank has a non-standard capacity of 2.2 ml.

The manufacturer of Ubox Kit by Digiflavor didn’t give much effort to the creation of the device. They kept to the beaten track: little by little, one travels far. And this strategy might work. The novelty costs $30.

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