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iBuddy Zbro BF Squonk Kit: unique couple


Vape device manufacturers often produce setups with box mods and atomizers as well as sale them separately. But kits with squonk mods instead of common ones are something new. Well, today we are talking about such a set: Zbro BF Squonk Kit by the young Chinese company called iBuddy.

The interest in squonkers is quite reasonable: users may not constantly worry of tank refilling, as they should just press the bottle and the wick gets wet. So why not issue a squonk kit at once?

It is a bit similar to G-Priv mod by SMOK in terms of the geometric pattern and colors and looks unique and nice. Besides, as to colors. Vapers are offered two options: black and white or black and red.

The RDA does not have anything interesting from the technical viewpoint. Everything is standard but looks spectacular. It is equipped with glass top cap instead of a common metallic one. And this cap is covered by the white or red metallic sheet colored as the BF mod included to the kit. Thus, it has a protection function and uncommon designer’s solutions.

The tank contains 7 ml of e-liquid.

iBuddy Zbro BF Squonk Kit is a convenient device for those who want a squonk mod but do not want to select a proper atomizer. The manufacturer has solved this task successfully. The setup costs $25.

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