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Dyad RDA by StarVapes: for those not ready to changes


If one takes a closer look at the vape industry development, it may seem that manufacturers have decided to rest a bit of innovations. For instance, StarVapes: its Dyad RDA is kind of new but with the same functional features. By the way, first things first.

RDA design is in keeping with the best traditions of such type of devices: the common metallic cylinder (made of stainless steel). The body includes the model name to make it somehow differ from others. The device is available in tree colors: black, steel, and golden.

The drip tip is integrated into the top cap, thus you won’t be able to use different ones. However, it's not a big deal, because packaged drip tips (indeed plural, the kit contains two of them) look pretty well with this RDA.

Besides, the set includes the additional post. Therefore, the device can be used with both the conventional center single-hole post and two-hole T-shaped post.

Using simple math calculations, it turns out that the novelty allows to install up to four different coils.

The RDA has the side adjusted airflow system.

One more pleasant feature is pretty high ledges, which means that the tank will be able to contain more e-liquid than usually.

Dyad RDA by StarVapes is a standard RDA without any strange things and will be user-friendly. The novelty costs $40.

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