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Deep inhaling Siren 2 GTA from Digiflavor


Digiflavor is a manufacturer whose vaping devices are undoubtedly exclusive. The developers do their best in order to produce unique e-cigs. One of the latest ones is a tank Siren 2 GTA.

The device is attractive and stylish with a good color solution: blue, silver, gray or black.

Technical specifications are also favorable to inhale deeply and vape easily.

Its serviced platform in some way differs from the first line. The developers worked out a two posts system, an airflow area and small screws at posts sides. At deck sides, there are cotton chambers.

Tank capacity is 2 ml that can be filled through a hole under an upper cover.

An airflow system was in the center of engineers’ attention. Apart from major holes, there appeared one to ensure deep inhaling. You can regulate it by rotating an airflow ring.

An atomizer price is 40 USD.

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