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APIS RDA by Cigreen – much interesting here


What is known about the Chinese company Cigreen? Two things, at least. Firstly, it’s the author of Virus RDA and Gear RDA, which were immensely popular at the time of their release. Secondly, the company has presented a new RDA called APIS. Let’s focus on the latter.

There is nothing unusual in terms of design: the device has a cylindrical form as all the other similar devices. But how it was decorated! The dripper stands out among the competing models for the high-quality engraving of arabesque pattern. It is available in two ‘championship’ colors: gold and silver.

‘The inner world’ of the atty was also a nice surprise: instead of habitual velocity-style posts, the device features two posts with platforms for coil legs and two screws with big heads.

But, you win some, you lose some. In this case, we are talking about the capacity. As posts take up much space, there is less space for the e-liquid.

The manufacturer didn’t touch the airflow system and realized a standard variant: two slots in the cap, through which the air is supplied directly to the coils. The airflow is adjusted by rotating the cap.

APIS RDA by Cigreen is an interesting dripper that will manage to generate hype among customers. Currently, it costs around $25.

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