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Bolt RDA by Godria Innovations: three years spent on creation?
Today we will talk about the device that apparently took three years to be developed. The thing is that Godria Innovations was founded...
Mig Vapor Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit: what do women want?
Mig Vapor sparks extraordinarily creative ideas: releases devices for Matrix and names them after a cartoon character. This time the...
SOLO RDA by Dee Mods: good for box mods and perfect for BFs
If constantly monitoring vape industry development, one can note the increasing demand on BF mods. And as known, where there’s demand, th...
iBuddy Zbro BF Squonk Kit: unique couple
Vape device manufacturers often produce setups with box mods and atomizers as well as sale them separately. But kits with squonk mods...
Tanker by Vaping American Made Products – the American dream
Vaping American Made Products is known for the fact that all its gadgets look stern, powerful, and attractive – in keeping with the best A...
Dyad RDA by StarVapes: for those not ready to changes
If one takes a closer look at the vape industry development, it may seem that manufacturers have decided to rest a bit of innovations. For ...
TOTEM by Vapers Mood – excellent design and features
Today, we will talk about new TOTEM mechanical mode by Italy-based Vapers Mood. It has all characteristics of a common mechanical mod,...
Alpha mods by NuveMods: different appearance, similar content
Today, we’ll talk not about one, but three mods, developed by NuveMods: Distressed Alpha, Alpha v1 and Zombie Splatter Alpha. Why have we c...
Samurai Tube Leather Skin LE – a classic mech mod
MCM Philippines has released another mechanical mod Samurai Tube Leather Skin LE that will manage to amaze even the savviest vapers. Let’s f...
Ubox Kit by Digiflavor: let’s keep to the beaten track
Many people associate Digiflavor with atomizers as that’s the category of devices popular among customers. Things are not so good with the c...
APIS RDA by Cigreen – much interesting here
What is known about the Chinese company Cigreen? Two things, at least. Firstly, it’s the author of Virus RDA and Gear RDA, which were i...
Pelso V3 RDA by KHWMods – attempt No.3
KHWMods regularly updates its line of atomizers. This time the company introduced the third version of the Pelso collection - drip tip...
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