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Alpha mods by NuveMods: different appearance, similar content
Today, we’ll talk not about one, but three mods, developed by NuveMods: Distressed Alpha, Alpha v1 and Zombie Splatter Alpha. Why have we...
Samurai Tube Leather Skin LE – a classic mech mod
MCM Philippines has released another mechanical mod Samurai Tube Leather Skin LE that will manage to amaze even the savviest vapers. Let’s...
Ubox Kit by Digiflavor: let’s keep to the beaten track
Many people associate Digiflavor with atomizers as that’s the category of devices popular among customers. Things are not so good with the...
APIS RDA by Cigreen – much interesting here
What is known about the Chinese company Cigreen? Two things, at least. Firstly, it’s the author of Virus RDA and Gear RDA, which were...
Pelso V3 RDA by KHWMods – attempt No.3
KHWMods regularly updates its line of atomizers. This time the company introduced the third version of the Pelso collection - drip tip...
K-Pin Kit by Kangertech – upgraded eGo
It is difficult to determine the key focus of Kangertech, as company’s products are quite diversified. Its range includes both setups for...
BLADE RDA by Pyswar Fabrications with airflow to meet your every need
Today, we are going to discuss a new Philippine product: sub-ohm BLADE atomizer by Pyswar Fabrications. What features does the novelty...
Mad Hatter 24 Kit by Advken – low-budget set with unique mechanical mod
A trend of unique mechanical mods from Europe and the USA is gradually returning to the world of vape products. The Chinese have seen the...
New custom box mod from the Philippines – Kamagong MAORI
A group of custom vapers from the Philippines has created a new box mod called Kamagong MAORI. The novelty is made from kamagong wood – a...
Two days of hot VAPESHOW Moscow 2017 in 40 seconds
VAPESHOW Moscow 2017 – a vape event that will rock our capital! On April 22-23, a large-scale exhibition will bring together the best...
Uno Kit by Artery – enigmatic all-in-one stuff
Artery became popular due to its Nugget mini box produced when stealth devices were at the peak of popularity. Later on, company’s...
Poseidon 4 by ATHENA: better and better
China-based ATHENA has produced the fourth version of its Poseidon atomizer. It should be noticed that the manufacturer has taken a...
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